Some Common General Dental Services

Dental Care Patient

It is very important that we get to understand who a dentist is. He is that medical practitioner whom you will rush to when you will need any attention for your oral health care needs. In other words, a dentist is a specialist in diagnosing and treating oral cavity ailments. Some of the most common dental corrections include restorative therapies, orthodontics therapies and periodontal therapies among other services. Below are some of general dental services offered to patients.

Oral exams are performed by the dentist or hygienist for their patients and this should be done after every six months to ensure teeth and gums continue to be in good health. These regular dental check-ups are very crucial for they ensure that problems are caught early and treated easily hence preventing more expense on them in the future.

Teeth cleaning is a method to prevent periodontal diseases. Many people brush twice a day and floss their teeth on daily basis. However, many do not do away with every bit of sticky substance on their teeth which appears mostly along the gum lines and in between crowded teeth. If 48 hours pass without removal of this sticky plague, it can calcify into tartar that cannot be easily removed by brushing. Visiting a hygienist will see to it that this is removed with the use of special instruments to deal with the radical substance taht can cause gum disease. This also prevents early stages of gingivitis from advancing to irreversible stages.

Teeth-whitening is another important service. Every person is proud of a white and healthy smile but this doesn’t always occur naturally for every person because stains together with discolorations are a great challenge to achieving white teeth. This explains why whitening is a common and popular service. It involves the use of a chemical that gets into porous enamel parts and bleaches all deposits of stains present in the dentin layer leaving the teeth looking white and natural.

There are many general services which dentists deal with and they include Dental X-rays, Teeth Fillings, Bonding, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Crowns, among others. There are also specialized dental services like oral surgery, Endodontics, Extractions, Dentures and Orthodontics and many more.